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Contributed by Camilla Curran

It’s ‘back to school’ time again. The hustle and bustle of switching gears from relaxing summer fun to work mode, plus preparing for fall and winter is upon us! 

Whether work or school defines this colorful season for you, we all have one goal in common: to smoothly transition our wardrobe from the typical summer whites, brights, shorts and sandals to the deep jewel tones, earthy hues, chunky knits and corduroys that characterize fall.  This change of fashion seasons can be tricky to master, but I’ve got you covered with some great ideas to give you a head start!

One thing to keep in mind, is denim! Classic blue jeans are timeless, seasonless and ageless. Consider them your go-to item for seasonal transitions. They make a perfect pairing with breezy button down shirts and your favorite neutral pumps or fun layered looks featuring a flowing vest over a light, loose sweater and suede boots.

Also remember that layering is key. Often this is a surprising time of year with weather ranging from hot and muggy to cold and dry until autumn has officially set in. The best way to cope with sudden temperature changes is to wear layered outfits with comfort and flexibility built in. A long loose skirt with a belted button down top is classic by itself and equally as chic when paired with a long, open sweater or light weight  jacket. Outer layers should be easy to remove while leaving the overall look still in tact.

Another great way to make the shift from warm to cool, is with accessories. Begin mixing those rich burgundy, brown and plum accents with with more neutral pieces to subtly transition your look. Soft textured scarves in jewel tones wrapped loosely around the neck can beautifully offset a crisp white shirt and jeans. Try switching out bright wedge sandals for tan or chocolate ankle boots with cropped pants and begin replacing summery coral and turquoise bangles for chunkier jewelry in gold and copper.

Enjoy the fall of 2013 and happy styling!


{ Closet Crusade }

Contributed by Camilla Curran


Summer is wrapping up, but there is still just enough time for one last getaway before settling down for fall. Including myself in the “last minute trip” category this year, brings up this week’s topic: How do you pack for vacation? Using my trip to the Gulf Coast this week as an example, we’ll specifically look at a classic, seaside holiday.

To begin, some things are fairly obvious. Beach necessities will always include a fabulous swimsuit, an adorable (preferably waterproof) tote bag, versatile sandals, some chic sunglasses and a cute cover up. Beyond these must-have items, I always start by thinking easy coordination and comfort. EVERYTHING you bring to a beach destination should be light, breathe well, and coordinate easily with multiple items. Pick a basic, bright color palette with one versatile color to accent all your outfits. I recommend a lightweight, dress or skirt for shopping and sightseeing excursions during the day paired with either sensible espadrilles or flat sandals for comfort and style. For dining out, getting drinks or dancing at night, white is the beach version of  black. Consider pairing white slacks and a jewel toned top with oversize stackable bracelets, or a sleek white dress with coral and turquoise jewelry.

One of the most important things to keep in mind, is the type of beach you’ll be visiting. Is this a glamorous city like Miami or a cozy resort area like the Hamptons? Tailor your wardrobe accordingly! For a fast paced, metropolitan destination, include evening wear in bright colors or white, with high heels and metallic details. For a relaxing stay in a romantic seaside cottage, opt for nautical stripes, a wide brimmed straw hat and linen or seersucker materials.

Once you have a fabulous wardrobe planned specifically for your beach getaway-don’t forget to bring along your favorite beach towel, sunscreen and an eye for adventure! Happy styling!

{Classic Notion EyeLove Potion}

If I had a notion, I’d want it to be classic with a bit of a “modern twist”, a visually pleasing thing….well – something out of the ordinary placed within the extraordinary.  I’ve spent this summer, browsing and combing resources for inspirational images.  Things to get the blood flowing, the heart pumping – and “oh what a relief it is” when the eyes captures things of beauty.  Whether it be a glass sculpture, a perfectly formed and figured chocolate man, an exquisitely tailored pant suit, or a car that just has a flawless design down to the odometer reading…….this is when I slowly close my eyelids, take a deep breath, and breathe ——– opening my eyes AND  Lookey lookey lookey at what my eyes have seen………

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{ Closet Crusade }

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Contributed by Camilla Curran

To alter, or not to alter? That is the question. A nip here and a tuck there can take a look from frumpy to fabulous in no time! The only catch is that you must know when tailoring can save or improve a look and when it is time to kiss a piece goodbye. How do you determine that? I’m so glad you asked!

One example from my own life was New Year’s of 2012. Typically we think of something sleek and black for this festive holiday, but that year I decided to do something different. I was ecstatic to be going to a masquerade party and decided the best way to compliment my ice blue Venetian mask, was with an equally icy winter-white cocktail dress. The only fly in the ointment was that the dress I chose was only available in sizes too large for me. My dream dress, though improperly fitted, was undoubtedly the only thing worthy of this fabulous affair so I made the purchase and sped to my favorite tailor post-haste! I got the dress back tailored to perfection and in better condition than when I bought it. Loose crystals were resewn and stray threads removed-now that’s what I call service-and every fashion forward lady and gent should know such a tailor!

If you know without a doubt you will use a piece often or if it is an exceptional value with minor alterations, call the tailor. If however, it is a more sentimental attachment to an outfit from another time you are hoping to resuscitate, choose carefully. Sinking money into an item that is no longer practical, or is a delicate vintage item in need of major repairs to be usable is generally a waste. Tailoring is expensive, so be sure the chosen item is truly a worthy investment. When you find that amazing piece that needs a little help or that fashion emergency comes up, you’ll be grateful you have a skilled tailor who has earned your loyalty.

Happy styling!

Closet Crusade

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         What’s the use of having scads of tops, skirts, shoes and accessories if you don’t wear them? We all have had fashion skeletons hanging in the back of our closets, unworn, unused, collecting dust. The tragedy is, if they are still in good condition, someone else could probably use and enjoy them!

            So, what makes an outfit worthy of being tossed in the giveaway bag? Consider several things. First, does the fit or comfort of an item hinge upon a large amount of weight loss or gain? If the answer is yes, into the donation bag it goes! Besides doing a good deed, you will rid yourself of unnecessary angst each time you open your closet and remember that top or those pants don’t fit. Give them away and treat yourself to a shopping spree when you have met your health and fitness goals-this will give you peace of mind now, and a reward to look forward to later.

          Next, though you may love the idea and look of 5 inch heels, but can’t enjoy wearing them for more than 5 minutes, it’s time to give yourself a break! The general idea is, that though you may love the concept of a particular look, but it is not practical for your lifestyle, your body (or level of pain tolerance) and your needs, you should never pressure yourself to buy or wear it. Fashion must be functional-for you! If you feel at home wearing those 5 inch stilettos every day, go for it! If you don’t, no worries, you’re not alone! Just remember, dress comfortably and appropriately for the situation at hand, which brings us to one more important question:

            Does your wardrobe reflect your current age and position in life? Hanging on to party clothes from your college days if you are now an expectant mother isn’t practical and showing up to a lecture in sweats and a T shirt is disrespectful. Purge your wardrobe of items that cheapen your look as a professional or no longer meet your life’s status. Put your best foot forward in shoes that are comfortable but stylish, and clothes that fit you, your life and goals in the present. Happy styling!


{Closet Crusade…}


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So, what makes a style classic? And do you really need to incorporate classics into your wardrobe?

A classic in fashion is defined as “a standard of excellence, having recognized value.”  They never come in or out of style because they are the industry standard. Classics are elegant, appropriate and a constant symbol of quality. Think of a simple A-line skirt that skims the knee in a neutral color or a black satin sheath dress, both pieces are effortless, timeless and can easily be dressed up or down.

EVERYONE can benefit from owning at least one, beautifully tailored, classic ensemble to take them from an interview to a nice dinner party. For example, with appropriate accessories, a slim fitting black pencil skirt can smoothly transition from a day at the office to a night on the town. Versatility is a hallmark of classic garments, an entire wardrobe can be built around a classic ‘must have’ or two!

The question to ask yourself is, what classic pieces not only accommodate but enhance your lifestyle? If on your day off, you toss the black slacks and blazer aside in favor of comfy jeans and flip flops, then investing in a large selection of high heeled pumps, tailored trousers or blouses would be foolish. Instead, opt for one or two time tested investment pieces to transition seamlessly between your professional and social life. A nice pair of black slacks and a matching blazer for example, can be worn together as a suit for work and separately for the weekend.

Simply remove the jacket, add a satin top to the pants, some sparkly earrings and you’re ready for a dinner date! The blazer can be added to dark wash jeans, a camisole and heels for a casually chic look.

Consider how many ways each item can be worn – the more variety you can achieve with one outfit the better! Learn to accessorize to expand your options and choose quality over quantity. Remember, appropriateness is the key to dressing for success!

{ Chocolate Filled “icandy” }


Always surrounded by female fashionistas in Memphis – it’s easy to pick up on the latest fashions and style upgrades.  Today I was on a different journey…………looking for inspiration images for my teenage son’s latest event.  Nothing over-the-top, but something with a simple style punch….then SUDDENLY my eyes were visually stimulated by the men in the “fits”.  OH ME, OH MYYYY!!!!!!!

For more icandy –

For my male readers, there’s just something about a gentleman and his selection of shoe, pant, and shades/glasses.

To the female readers, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the models, images and fashion!!!!!!

Happy Monday!!!!!!

A change of scenery

I concur!!!!

Whittington & Company

There’s something about these tripod floor lamps that really grab the main attention of a room. Some of these really give off a nautical theme, and could be that perfect piece you’re missing.

lamp2  marine-floor-lampsPBlamp1

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{Closet Crusade…}

    Imagecontributed by Camilla Curran  /  photo by

     Fashion. It can be breathtaking, fun, inspiring and daunting! When tackling issues with my clients who’ve hired me to streamline their wardrobes and hone their image, there are two things I always stress. The first, is NEVER buy something because someone else convinces you to, and second, ALWAYS wear clothing that makes you look and feel your best. If you want to be your best self, you have to look and feel the part.
     Take an honest, hard look at your closet. How many mismatched skirts, pants and blazers do you own? Were all those “trend of the moment” neon t-shirts really a great idea, and why oh why did you let your well-meaning if overbearing best friend talk you into those five inch leopard stilettos you keep “forgetting” to wear? If this sounds eerily familiar-stay tuned!
     In the following posts, I’ll lead you step by step through a purge and spruce-up
of your wardrobe. To give you a jumpstart on increasing your fashion IQ, here are some guidelines we’ll be looking at more closely:

1. Know the difference between trends and time tested classics. Everyone should have certain goto, foolproof items in their wardrobe, whether its that great camel pea coat to finish off a winter outfit or those sleek black pumps that boost your confidence in any ensemble. Classics always hold their own! I also firmly believe in the need for statement, even trendy pieces to keep your closet current and interesting. The danger lies in owning too much of either and knowing how to artfully mix them.

2. Do yourself a favor and the community a good deed, donate to charity clothing that does not fit your size, age or lifestyle. That hot pink, retro leather jacket may have seemed like a great idea in high school, but as a graduate student does it really send the right message?  Besides, someone else may really need it like your local Bikers and Babes club perhaps?

3. If you are not already best friends with an incredible tailor, find one quick! Purchasing a piece with the potential to be perfect for you with minor alteration can be a very wise investment.  Search local customer reviews online or ask a friend with impeccable taste for a recommendation and you’re well on your way to a better fitting, more comfortable wardrobe.



Camilla Curran is a Fashion Academy certified total image consultant and a model for the prestigious Macs Amax talent agency. She has walked the runway in many midsouth fashion shows including Memphis Fashion Week and Memphis’s first Fashion’s Night Out. Her print work is featured on numerous fashion photography blogs and websites, and she also does television commercials.

Miss Curran seamlessly blends the boundary pushing ideals of the high fashion world with the functional needs of the modern workforce when bringing her unique perspective on the fashion industry to her audience. Camilla’s additional experience studying drawing, color theory, and 2d design at Memphis College of Art, further bolster her form and function know­how. Camilla looks forward to sharing her expertise and passion with both the seasoned fashion connoisseurs and trend setters in training.

Look for posts on fashion & style from Camilla in “interior design.   fashion.   style.”

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