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{Closet Crusade}

contributed by Camilla Curran of Curran Consulting 

Summertime is here! Besides the countless barbecues, pool parties and other usual warm weather festivities we expect, a wedding invitation or two is bound to find you, leading me to this month’s topic: how to select your summer wedding wardrobe. Read on for a list of tips to ensure you’re one of the best dressed guests at any wedding you attend this season!


First, know the venue. It’s quite common now for wedding invitations to leave off any specific dress code, but, thankfully, they still come with an address for the ceremony and reception, so take note! If you are unfamiliar with the location, look it up online to get a feel for the type of events they usually host. Do they look traditional, black tie, or casually chic? Is the ceremony taking place in the country, at the beach or in the city? Tailor your look to match the setting. A chic country fete calls for a lightweight eyelet dress and pearls, or suit separates in a citrusy hue with wooden or woven accessories. Add a widebrimmed hat and wedges or espadrilles to complete your look and provide maximum comfort in the outdoors. A beach wedding is best complimented by breezy fabrics (chiffon or silk) in a bright, jeweled palette and seasonal accessories-think chunky turquoise beads and mother of pearl bangles. Looking glam is the goal for a city wedding. This occasion calls for some sparkle, an elegant clutch and possibly that dress with the daring design you’ve been dying to wear, depending upon the time of day, which brings up the next tip on my list…

Always make note of the time of the ceremony. Generally, a formal wedding will take place after 6pm while one in the morning or afternoon offers more room for casual dress. Evening ceremonies often translate as ‘black tie’ and call for sequins, a shimmery wrap and metallic heels, while a wedding in the morning or afternoon calls for tried and true classics like a simple sheath dress and diamond pendant or a crisp boucle suit. There are of course exceptions to every rule and should you have any doubts about dressing correctly for the time specified on the invitation, err on the side of formality. While there is no such thing as looking too elegant or ‘dressed up’ at a wedding, there is such a thing as being too casual, hence my third and final point: know what not to wear.

Even should the couple whose nuptials you plan to attend be the most relaxed, unassuming pair on earth, your extra effort to help celebrate this milestone with them will be appreciated, I promise! Don’t confuse formal elegance with glitz and dressing provocatively. Conservative elegance is always appropriate, so save the daring looks for only the most glamorous of evening ceremonies.

Finally, never, ever wear all white to a wedding. I don’t care what the trends dictate now, it is rude and inconsiderate. This day is not about you, it’s about the couple getting married and their celebration. The bride wears white to signify the reverence of the occasion and to set her apart from the crowd. Enough said, just don’t do it.

By simply being considerate of the couple and the occasion, you are well on your way to choosing a perfect look for any wedding. So, find your plus one, grab your dancing shoes-and Happy Styling!


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