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{Closet Crusade}

contributed by Camilla Curran, of Curran Consulting

Spring is here! And you know what that means…time for spring cleaning. While the thought of rehabilitating your wardrobe, reorganizing your closet and reinventing yourself to welcome the warm weather may sound about as fun as scrubbing your kitchen floor, take heart! The results of a better organized, and more fashionable wardrobe include not only a simplified morning routine sans scrambling last minute for one lost shoe or earring, but also the reward of looking your best, which in turn allows you to feel your best, thus enabling you to be your best self everyday! If that’s not incentive enough to take stock of your wardrobe, I don’t know what is!

First of all, let’s talk storage. It is definitely not necessary to have a designer, custom-built  walk-in closet for you to make the most of your storage space (though I’m sure none of us would mind this). In fact, all you need is a notepad, pen, some clear plastic shoe boxes and a little imagination!

The most crucial part of your transformation, is taking a good hard look at the clothes you wear on a regular basis. As discussed in detail in my second ‘Closet Crusade’ article,

(follow the link to read more: ),

one of the most important components of dressing well, is to know yourself. If your daily work wardrobe is comfortable but needs updating, try adding a fresh pop of color or  two via a mod scarf or cuff, or by purchasing one trendy clothing item for the season to add a bit of edge. If, on the other hand, you find yourself constantly panicked over what to wear amidst a sea of mismatched pants and tops, uncomfortable heels and bland flats, the time has come for a serious fashion fix up! Again, honesty is key. You may truly love the idea of heels, but despise the discomfort of actually wearing them. Admit this to yourself and then save some money and unnecessary angst by taking all those fabulous but impractical shoes to a consignment shop and replacing them with adorably practical footwear.  


This same level of self awareness is required to evaluate every item in your wardrobe! Once you’ve decided which pieces simply do not work for you, get out that paper and pen. Go through the items you can no longer use and separate them into three categories: toss, sell and give away. The return you make from selling your impractical but nice items will hopefully provide a little extra spending money for an updated piece or two. See? Honesty really is the best policy.

Next, pull out or purchase those clear plastic shoe boxes I mentioned. Aside from these boxes being the ideal solution for storing and protecting your shoes, they can also be used to store scarves, chunky bangles (grouped by color or theme of course), clothing and shoe repair supplies and a host of other odds and ends. After you’ve boxed all of your favorite shoes, assess what kind of storage your closet has already built in. If you have shelving, it is generally best utilized to stack shoes boxes, hat boxes or larger bins for stoing purses. Sweaters and pants often find their way onto your precious closet shelves when they could better be stored neatly folded in a dresser, which brings me to the next, and step to revamp your wardrobe.

Maximize the space you have! Remember that dreamy closet I mentioned earlier? Most of us have a slightly less royal version, but even a small closet if used creatively can meet all your needs. In addition to investing in clear plastic boxes of various sizes, consider purchasing belt and scarf hangers, an over the door purse organizer, or even hanging hooks on your closet wall for easy access to jewelry and accessories. The time and energy you spend sprucing up and reorganizing your clothes and their closet now, will yield you great rewards now and later.

Remember, ‘know thyself’, make the most what you have, and happy styling!


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