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{Closet Crusade}

contributed by Camilla Curran

This month’s focus is on men’s style once more-the use of spring pastels and patterns to be exact.

As previously discussed, many men seem to shy away from dressing in bold colors. Is the same also true of soft spring hues? In my experience, when styling men, yes, but it shouldn’t be this way! Just as adding a bright pop of colorful fun to a look can enhance skin tone and add interest, so can pastels and patterns offer more complimentary and creative options for spring ensembles. With Easter and spring break mere days away, let’s discuss how to make patterns and pastels work for you!

The same principles that apply to bold colors also apply to the softer side of the spectrum: know your skin tone, choose colors to compliment that skin tone, and most importantly, don’t be afraid to try new colors.

To begin, there are two basic complexion types: warm and cool. Though there are many different ways to break down the category of warm or cool coloring a person has, this basic ‘at home’ test will help you quickly identify your skin’s general undertone: stand in direct sunlight with a good view of yourself in a mirror, and try on separately, an orange shirt, a candy pink shirt, a soft ‘baby blue’ shirt, a white shirt and an ivory shirt (scarves work well too if you do not have a shirt available in each color).

Did you immediately prefer the look of one of the shirts over the others? Did any of the colors make you look ‘under the weather’ or sallow? Did one shirt in particular make you look bright eyed and bring out a healthy glow? If the answer is yes to looking your best in the orange and pink shirts, you probably have a warm complexion, and if you responded best to the stark white and soft blue, you have a cool skin tone. You can even double check your impressions using the same test with gold and silver jewelry.

Now that you know which skin tone is yours, you can plan your clothes to work to your best advantage every single day!

A gentleman whose skin tone is cool, should try wearing shirts in blue based pastels this spring, like lavender, mint green, and soft pink. These cool colors are beautifully offset by a crisp navy or grey suit. Just add a complimentary, striped or paisley tie and pocket square for flair, and you’ll have endless options to coordinate!

If your complexion is warm, spring classics like tan, salmon, marigold and fuchsia should be staples in your wardrobe. A tan pant paired with a chocolate seersucker blazer and salmon shirt is festive and versatile, or try wearing a marigold bow tie with a spring green (yellow based of course) short sleeved button down, khaki shorts and suede loafers for a stylishly casual look.


The options for spring are endless! So, enjoy wearing flattering colors every day, don’t hesitate to mix stripes and checks, or houndstooth and paisley when choosing your shirt, tie, pocket square and jacket, and Happy Styling!



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