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{Closet Crusade}

contributed by Camilla Curran

Date night attire sends many a generally confident gal scrambling for options, and left feeling more awkward than amazing. Never fear! This month with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I have several tips to transition your date night vibe from panicked to posh in no time.

To begin, a style savvy gal is never caught completely off guard. Always have a tried and true outfit on hand that makes you feel comfortable and confident every time.  A few staples I am never without for an unexpected evening of dining or dancing with that special someone include: a perfect pair of indigo jeans that smoothly transition from work to weekend, a pair of classic nude pumps-always effortlessly sexy and polished, a neutral but flirty top or two that can be dressed up with a satin wrap or dressed down with a denim jacket, a versatile ‘statement’ piece such as a bright clutch or bold cuff for instant ‘oomph’, and, last but not least, a classic little black dress.


These items should be staples in every woman’s wardrobe-period! They are easy to mix and match with plenty of room to add fun extras, like colorful scarves, a ‘trend of the moment’ jacket or a pair of daring heels. Once you’ve established your collection of classic neutrals and an arsenal of foolproof last minute looks, you can relax and enjoy planning ahead for that special anniversary dinner or much anticipated first date.

Equally as important as killer clothes, yet often overlooked, is the crowning final touch: your makeup. I suggest keeping a fully stocked cosmetic bag in your car or work tote for those days when there is not enough time between work and an evening out to ‘freshen up’. In addition to powder, mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick, items like makeup remover wipes, mouthwash, portable perfume and hand lotion, are essential to have within easy reach when your time is limited.

After tidying up the remnants of the makeup you applied in the a.m., add a bit more mascara and eyeliner, a touch of extra blush or bronzer and consider adding a long-lasting lip stain to compliment your outfit and fit the mood of the evening ahead.

As always, gauge your look to the date’s theme, put your best foot forward, walk with confidence, and remember-he’s lucky to have you! Happy Styling!


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