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{Closet Crusade}

contributed by Camilla Curran

With the excitement of the holiday rush behind, and all the promise of the 2014 ahead, I’d like to start the new year off right, by including men’s style tips in several of my monthly fashion columns.

To begin, I must address the general tendency of ‘twenty something’ men to dress too casually in most situations. I have frequently seen a cute couple out for a romantic dinner or drinks, and while the girl is dressed to perfection, her date barely bothered to wear jeans without holes. Inexcusable! Gentlemen, if your date has gone to the trouble to dress for the occasion and look fabulous for you, surely a little reciprocation isn’t too much to ask?


Simply by exchanging jeans for khaki or black pants, the look of your favorite button down shirt is instantly upgraded from shabby to sophisticated. It takes no more effort and will absolutely make a better first impression! Jeans are acceptable as well, but only for very casual settings (just please save the pair with holes in the knees for doing yard work). To dress up a nice pair of dark blue jeans, try adding a blazer and graphic tee, or sprinkle in a little spice with a colorful scarf or hat.

Which brings me to the most important point to remember: don’t be afraid of color! So many men relegate themselves to wearing only drab or neutral colors, when their complexion would look infinitely better in a bright blue or dark purple! Colors that flatter can not only enhance your skin tone, but add interest and creativity to any outfit and help you better stand out from the crowd. Using complimentary colors effectively, is one of the most powerful tools any man can use to look his best.

Remember, dress appropriately for the occasion, wear your favorite jeans on an ‘as needed’ basis, and don’t be afraid of color-Happy Styling!



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