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{Closet Crusade}

ImageThe frenzy of finding a perfect dress for your annual Christmas party, that dazzling New Year’s Eve gala, or a fabulous gift for your stylish best friend at the last minute, can make even the calmest shopper throw her well laid plans out the window! Never fear! I have some last minute shopping tips that just might save you some time, money and even your sanity during the final holiday shopping rush!

First of all, avoid the mall! I am as much a fan of an awesome find from Macy’s or Banana Republic as anyone, but save yourself the trouble of searching through the disorganized and picked over selections so common at department stores and mall shops during this hectic season. Only the savviest of shoppers is likely to find something last minute for a specific event or picky friend in a frenzied mall setting.

What I do recommend, is shopping online or heading to your favorite discount retailer like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s or H and M. Both with overstock and online stores, it is best to have a specific look, designer or item in mind, in order to quickly narrow down your search. Also, when perusing online, remember that most popular retailers are counting on last minute sales, and may take advantage of this opportunity to charge more for shipping and handling. I suggest accounting for this extra cost in the price of your merchandise to better comparison shop.

The advantage of shopping during the final few days before Christmas at discount retailers like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s or H and M, is that their inventory works very differently than that of a traditional department store, allowing them to offer a greater selection of products and styles year round. Plus, because such shops generally occupy less square footage and have more clearly labeled departments than larger retailers, searching for a particular designer, accessory or clothing item is quicker and easier!

Keep your wits about you, keep calm and shop on-Happy Styling and Merry Christmas!



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