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{Closet Crusade}

        Fall is finally here! Of course, this means with it comes a plethora of fun fashion options. Today, let’s talk about one of my favorite cool weather necessities: a fabulous jacket (or two or three).

       To avoid unnecessary angst each time you reach for a jacket during this chilly season, here are some tips to make your selection easier. First, the type of coat you choose for daily wear must reflect your personal tastes, flatter your figure, and easily “finish” more than one type of outfit. A good way to start is by assessing your typical work week wardrobe. If your career of choice dictates a sharp suit and high heeled pumps for your nine to five look, a classic belted trench is your best option. The perks of choosing a quality trench are, they are waterproof, virtually timeless, generally flattering, comfortable and can top off almost any look! In fact, I recommend this classic style to every client-it’s an iconically chic must-have for every well dressed woman.

          If your job allows for a bit more flexibility in your style options, a slim fitting black leather jacket is another crisp look that can easily take you from work to weekend. Just be sure your coat of choice projects professionalism and is versatile enough to compliment many looks. Anything leather, whether a jacket, purse, or heels, if too trendy and covered in details like spikes, studs, or elaborate stitching will quickly look dated and be seen as unprofessional. A classic, blazer-style leather jacket is simultaneously polished and modern.

         Other great options for fall weather outerwear, include dark wool pea coats, classic denim jackets, and hooded tan or black parkas. Jackets are best bought in neutral colors for easy coordination with a varied wardrobe. Add a dash of your own “spice” with colorful hats, gloves and scarves. I also enjoy mixing textures with my fall coats and accessories to add interest-try adding leather gloves to a wool coat or pairing a velvet hat and suede jacket.


Enjoy creating many fabulous fall looks, and, as always, Happy Styling!



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